For my first article I decided to make any connections in between what I have experienced while being addicted and what an official site says it feels like to draw parallels. Of course the best way to draw parallels is to look at the symptoms. So from top to bottom here are my thoughts on each of the listed symptoms. Note some of the listed ones are similar so not all will be covered.

preoccupation-  I can say they got this one on the money. Video games do occupy my thoughts when I am bored at school or anywhere for that matter.

Downplaying Computer Use/ Defensiveness- No. No. No. OK all sarcasm aside this is a 50-50 one sometimes I do this, other times I don’t. It really depends on how hard people push on the subject of Video Game addiction.

Lack of Control/ Loss of time- Yes almost certainly and very easily.

Negative Impact on life/emotions- If anything the opposite happened with me. I actually made friends through gaming and it works to calm me down.

Hiding from uncomfortable situations- This is what gaming is for, so why it is on this list is beyond me.

Misuse of Money- Can’t say anything because I had no money when I was addicted.

Mixed Feelings- what the website describes is something known as raging in the gaming community and appears in almost every gamer.


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