Video game addiction could be neglect?

The thought occurred to me while looking for more VGA stories. Just hear me out, what are some symptoms of neglect. Lack of meals, lowered academic performances, and physical decline. What are key symptoms noticed in VGA victims. Skipping meals, lowered school grades, and a tendency to stay inside which leads to physical decline. Seem familiar to you, or do you skip every other sentence and completely missed what I said earlier. If you are the former disregard the next sentence. If you are the latter then keep reading that way this will still make sense. Another sign of neglect from the parents could be a sense a alienation between their child. While parents aren’t trying to get their kids attached to video games they certainly aren’t doing any good work to remove them. When this thought hit me, I didn’t think “How could I let that shameful thought enter my mind saying that parents aren’t helping their kids after such a harsh series of events.” My thought when this came to me was, “Holy S@#T, that actually makes sense of the pattern I see in every VGA story.” All the tragedy’s could have been avoided if the parents paid more attention to their children outside of thinking video games are solely a bad thing. Change the names and a change of template then every last “unforeseeable” and “sudden”  VGA story reads exactly the same. Kid gets hooked on video games then dies. But these templates don’t include anything about the parents instead saying that they tried to remove video games. Disregarding the fact that they BOUGHT the video games they are largely pushed as victims. In fact it is because there is nothing to add about the parents to the story, all of them don’t play video games and thus don’t know of the affect it has on people or the role of video games. Hope you enjoyed my little ramble I will do another post on the role of video games to VGA afflicted people and how removal is NOT the best option eventually. See you next post. symptoms for neglect taken from lists below:

VGA symptoms:




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