Leaving addiction?

In an article from the Libertarian Prepper gives probably one of the most accurate descriptions of VGA as well as the risks of VGA.

The article identifies why VGA develops and the effects it can have on  a person. The article also goes into detail about how you can leave VGA.

Many articles online neglect to mention how VGA first forms in a person’s mind such as not having much to do in the first place or having a form of handicap mental or otherwise. The author admits to having social anxiety and I had a low sense of self-esteem if not depression when I developed VGA. So there are parallels that I can personally draw a parallel between me and the author and say that what he is saying is highly likely. Most unique thing that this article covers is how to stop being addicted. Interestingly is that the first attempts to stop were failures such as limiting time played and the only method that worked was stopping entirely. This method does have its strengths but it leaves a void to be filled and I do not agree with how the author says to fill this void by making a list and perform other activities. This is a topic I will cover in greater detail in a later post but this is not a great solution.


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