The Void to Fill

For those of you who remember my last post on an article, I ended on a note saying that I will go into greater detail about the void in our lives that video games fill and why it isn’t easy to replace. That is exactly what this post will be about, one part out of an unspecified number on how the void we get in our lives are made open to video games.

Some activities require proper weather and physical conditions to be met for participation. Video games only requires two things sight and hands, no size or weight requirements no flexibility needed. You could be the size of a smart car or as small as an ant you can play video games.

Sports are widely considered to be the #1 activity for being social….. if you are good enough, have proper levels of fitness, and even things that you can’t control like a good height and weight. If you don’t meet the requirements then prepared to be benched in each game and ridiculed for it for the rest of your school life. That is why we look for other forms of entertainment and that is the hole video games fill.


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