Another reason you don’t take games from someone and leave guns around the house

As stated I will be covering the Daniel Petric shooting in greater detail.

Once again this is a case that has video games way overblown with VGA being a cause and apparently nothing else. This time I will focus on the parents instead of the events that unfolded. But first some background, Daniel is the son of Mark Petric and has been house bound for a year . Mark wouldn’t let Daniel play video games in their house. Eventually Daniel sneaked the game into their home and it got confiscated and this was Daniels apparent motive.

There are times when I swear parents are all but asking for their kid to be mad at them. While it is a tragedy that one of them died their methods used to get Daniel away from video games is the same, flawed, and asking for tragedy method, taking the games away, no attempt at reasoning just taking them. As I have stated in my VGA = neglect post that is a surefire way to piss off your kids especially if they can’t do anything else.


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