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Video games are a part of everyday life, a new commodity for the current age. As with most luxuries it is easy to get attached. However if gone too far it be becomes video game addiction, which has been given a  particularly bad light in recent years by being over exaggerated in media, and parents are ignorant of its potential. I will illustrate both of these points using the story of Brandon Crisp, a kid who died because of “video games.”

The only reason why VGA ( video game addiction) is such a big deal is because it is attacked constantly. The case of Brandon Crisp, according to Steve Trilley of the Toronto Sun, the case brought up the question, “Are video Games harmless entertainment, or a dangerous addiction?” Trilley said that the CBC’s episode of the Fifth Estate into it with “the  answer was decided before the cameras began rolling.” The “answer in that case was that yes video games were the cause and the a problem worth pursuing. However other articles along with the police investigation said that VGA wasn’t the problem or the reason why Brandon ran away. With most articles replying to the fifth estate saying there is no proof. So what was the reason? Well we don’t know, but what I do know is that the role of video games in his disappearance is not because of video games.

The people who over exaggerate VGA are also those that don’t understand gaming itself in its most basic form.   As with many new forms of media there are people who want to shut it down without even looking at what it can be. returning to Brandon Crisp several reports all focus on Brandon’s habits not those of his parents. To elaborate I mean that in almost every article shows that Brandon’s parents didn’t know a thing about gaming. Nothing not the community he got to know or the highly valuable ranked position he held on the leaderboards. This is not unique to this case, in every VGA case that ends in tragedy has the parents oblivious to the world of gaming. However the reason why cases of when parents do know about video games never make it into the news because nothing bad happens those parents know what they are doing and how to properly diffuse the situation without drama.

Unfortunately what we see is not what always happens as the over exaggeration of VGA combined with a lack of knowledge does not mix well. Gamers are sick and tired of seeing something they love be attacked on all sides. Attacks that are happening from stretched accusations  by those who don’t even know what it is. I hope you enjoyed this proposal and the rest of my capstone.   works cited/referenced Tilley, Steve. “‘Lazy, Cheap and Disappointingly One-sided'” Toronto Sun. Toronto Sun, 06 Mar. 2009. Web. 23 Apr. 2014



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