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VGA and Poems

This poem,by Catherine Inscore, is one thing that you don’t want to tell your kids if they have VGA.

However Catherine’s words in the second half of the poem do resemble a very common viewpoint of parents that video games cause obesity and there is always something better to do. While I can’t say anything about the former I do have some points on the latter. There are cases like the Daniel Petric shooting where the Video Game addictee was housebound and unable to do other things( will be covered in more detail later). Before I go on a rant I wish to end this, so my final points are that just because someone or your kid is playing video games don’t just tell them to get up and do sports, that is harder these days that before.

and now for some poetry of my own:

I hated this I really did

Video Games and poems

go as well together as heavy metal and church hymns

so in order to analyze this work for my bibliography

I shall  hold in my agony

as I ad lib my tragedies

as this part was the hardest

sorry for that, I needed this catharsis




The lottery exerp

Old Man Warner snorted. “Pack of crazy fools,” he said “Listening to the young folks, nothing’s good enough for them. Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live that way for a while.” While Shirley Jackson’s short story the lottery is definitely older than video games this statement almost perfectly sums up the view of parents on video games. With the statement “living in caves, nobody work any more,” being comparable to a child staying home rather than going outside and playing sports like a “normal” child. The “Crazy fools” in a parents eye is the video game industry giving their children their ear in market like “listening to the young folks” that buy their games. The statement “live that way for a while.” is comparable to how some children game for extended periods of time and that their parents worry from this.

Older than games? yes. But there is some truth as the statements stated above are highly applicable to VGA and the general view from parents who don’t know what happens if you “quit the lottery”.